Makaya McCraven - Universal Beings

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Label: International Anthem
Genre: Jazz

Recorded in four different cities, with four different sets of musicians, Universal Beings could have quite easily ended up an indulgent nonsense. That it's not is obviously testament to McCraven's ability to direct a band and the quality of the musicianship on display, but I also think there's a lot to be said for the recordings themselves - the gentle natural reverb of the room begets an intimacy and emotional pull that wasn't so clearly represented on the more bombastic-sounding celebrated jazz albums also released this year. Universal Beings is its own subtle and supple island.

1. A Queen's Intro
2. Holy Lands
3. Young Genius
4. Black Lion
5. Tall Tales
6. Mantra
7. Pharaoh's Intro
8. Atlantic Black
9. Inner Flight
10. Wise Man, Wiser Woman
11. Prosperity's Fear
12. Flipped OUT
13. Voila
14. Suite Haus
15. The Newbies Lift Off
16. The Royal Outro
17. The Count Off
18. Betterss's
19. Turtle Tricks
20. The Fifth Monk
21. Brighter Days Beginning
22. Universal Beings