Kali Malone - The Sacrificial Code

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Truly wonderful double LP from Kali Malone that's kind of hit us for six here. We've been fans for a while, but this might just be her defining moment thus far. The Ogran Dirges record from last year offers some precedent to what's going on here - the organ remains Malone's focus, her compositions directed by the dense and enveloping timbres the instrument allows. It calls to mind Mary Jean Leach's Pipe Dreams from 1984, and Reich stands as an obvious touchstone, but it's a little reductive (no shit pun intended) to consider this as simply a continutation of the minimal tradition. These pieces of music are almost too vast to be described as minimal, widescreen and heavy in a way that speaks in someway to the outer reaches of Scandinavian metal, and intuitive in a pagan folk like manner key to the history of her homeland. Heavy and intimate, but in different, new ways. Malone's slowly constructing her own language. We just might be witnessing the emergence of a formidable new voice. Just saying...