Insecure Men - s/t

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Label: Fat Possum

Uneasy listening of the most necessary order from FWF's Saul Adamczewski and an assorted crew of ragtag savants. Provocative, yes, funny almost certainly. Credible achievements in and of themselves both, but there's also an underlying queasiness that speaks widely of England's disease that's as vital as it is lacking in near all other areas of contemporary British guitar music. The Insecure Men know what it is to walk an endless grey sky with a grimace in their jeans. Don't we all.    

1. Subaru Nights
2. Teenage Toy
3. All Women Love Me
4. Mekong Glitter
5. Heathrow
6. I Don't Wanna Dance (with My Baby)
7. The Saddest Man in Penge
8. Ulster
9. Cliff Has Left the Building
10. Whitney Houston and I
11. Buried in the Bleak