Mofungo - Messenger Dogs Of The Gods

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Label: Lost
Format: LP
Year: 1986 US Press
Condition: VG+/NM

A bit of a headscratcher this lot. They seem to have played a part in every 80s underground movement in the US, starting out as a no-wave outfit (even appearing on one of those New York Noise comps alongside Rhys Chatham, Y Pants, UT et al), then taking in jazz, new wave, post-punk, until eventually rubbing shoulders with Yo La Tengo and adopting what might be described as a 'college rock' sound. That's what they explore here, sounding uncannily like a looser limbed Replacements - that the label is Twin Tone signposts that somewhat, but is something which neither record title nor cover would suggest. Remarkably, it's great and extremely difficult to find online, whatever that might mean. Well worth a spin for those drawn to that extremely fecund period of time in American guitar music.